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Best place to repair your phone. They offered the least expensive price and they had the supplies on hand. It took less than 30 minutes to replace my cracked screen. Highly recommend. This was my second time using them. Customer service was excellent!!!.I suggest them as a iphone repair store in Los Angeles.


zulfa was awesome!!! SHe was nice and patient, taking the time to explain everything to me. Phone was fixed in 40 minutes. Great experience.Recommend as a Best Cell Phone Repair Store in Van Nuys


Quick, efficient, and friendly. I dropped my iphone 7 plus and the screen was discolored and unusable. I was able to useThe Cell Phone Club which was close to my job to get it fixed ASAP. Phone was ready in about 30 minutes & was reasonably priced. Super appreciative and pleased with my choice. Will definitely use again if need be. Arafat